Andrew Yang drops out of New York Mayoral race

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What a fucking turd of a candidate.


He was a horrible presidential candidate with retarded policies and a lot of people loved him lol. He’s not that smart and he’s not very likable.


One of the few free full podcasts that Joe was able to keep on YouTube:

He’s spot on with automation and UBI, but as soon as you go full Zionist, I’m out.

People liked him in the beginning because he seemed to speak independently/genuinely and apart from the democratic establishment, including not having trump derangement syndrome, not demonizing trump supporters, and opposing cancel culture. He flipped to total establishment tool and woke coward faster than I ever could have guessed. He’s horrible.


Damn he flipped that quick? He went woke? That’s just awful

He dropped and endorsed Biden for a shitty cnn contributer deal, he’s a complete sellout and not even expensive for the hypocrisy.


Trending bigly here:“Andrew%20Yang”&src=trend_click

Everyone putting out articles just now. Here’s AP’s:

I liked when he moved to Georgia to commit voter fraud and immediately fled to NYC to be the mayor but now nobody wants him. Maybe if he creampied more dudes’ mouths he’d have not been in last place?


I REALLY liked Yang…for the UBI and automation topics. I’m not even a full on UBI supporter, but if you have three brain cells and look in the future by 20-30 years, the way our economy is currently set up won’t exist. Automation and efficiency are going to destroy so many front line jobs, and he is one of the only people I heard talking about it with any gusto.

I didn’t think he would be President, but I was hoping Biden would bring him in as a ‘Future Economy Czar’ or some shit to try and think about the future and the country.


Automation is not the boogeyman people think. During every single industrial revolution or advance in technology, in history, people have said shit like this. For example, when cars became a thing, all of the horse stable owners and street cleaners and anyone that worked with horses would cry that they will all lose their jobs.

Well, they did. But new industries were created.

Everytime some job is pushed out by a new one, new industries are created, new jobs are created. I read somewhere a few months ago that the largest growing job fields of the next 20 years dont even exist yet.

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Goodbye GIF

I mostly agree with you, but two areas I wonder about:

  1. There ARE disruptors which have a net reduction of jobs, and I think automation will be a big inflection point for that. If TSLA’s semi truck were 100% automated (20-30 years out, it could be), truck drivers will be a dead or dying job. There is no corollary to that (ex. stable masters move to automotive factory workers), they will simply have to find something else entirely to do. The trucks may create more mechanics jobs, but I don’t think it’ll be 1:1 to driver jobs lost, as there is a prediction that LESS trucks will be needed if they are automated. I think we will see a challenge here.

  2. I think the entry level jobs become more and more complex. This comes up a lot during the minimum wage debate that “minimum wage jobs are entry level and/or for low skilled workers,” I think many low skill functions become automated and it’ll be harder for someone to enter into the job market without significant technical knowledge. More mechanics, engineers, coders, etc., but I don’t think they’ll be 1:1 for lost frontline jobs and take significantly more training and intelligence to succeed.

I do think we’ll face a revolution unlike what we’ve seen in the past. We’ll see! Or we’ll all be dead. One of the two.


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For a guy who touted himself as a forward thinker, his opinions on remote work were so far off base that it was sad. He’s a one issue candidate (labor) who didn’t even understand how that issue has changed during the pandemic.

He’s been useful for bringing automation to the forefront in terms of discussion; however, for all intents and purposes, his political career has to be over now.

This is the guy who was paying people to make memes about him, and they sucked. lol

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What really did him in was talking about getting the mentally ill off the street. Although any sane person realizes that this needs to be done, it did not sit well with the commies in NYC.

Yang is autistic to the point where he mistakenly believed politicians were meant to solve problems, and come up with unique solutions for said problems.

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More government is not the solution to anything.

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Or 20 hour a week work spread it around

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