Andro BANNED in Military

I got the e-mail yesterday that says the DOD will ban ALL Andro effective 20 January 05. A 90 day grace period will be allowed so users can "flush it out". Andro will be classified as a "Type III Controlled Substance", allong with cocaine, heroin, and steroids.
Personally I think this sucks, but thought Y'all might like to know.

Just more the gubmet trying to "look out" for us.

The Air Force did this a couple years ago. The rumor was that too many people were getting popped for Vitamin S when all they were taking was andro. They basically started telling everyone that if they tested positive they would be punished whether it was andro or steroids.

Maybe DOD says it comes down but I can't see how they'll afford comprehensive testing.

So Andro is a problem now too? Honestly if soldiers want to waste their money on it - why not? It won't be long before smoking is illegal as well at the rate this is going.