Android emulator for PC

The above link will take you to a page with various options on downloading several different Android emulators on your PC.  I've been using Bluestacks for a couple of weeks now and it's satisfactory.  I plan on trying a couple of the other ones on to see which works best.  

Why an emulator on your PC instead of just using your phone?

Many reasons, but sometimes it's just convenient to use apps directly on your PC, instead of always having to hover over your phone.  (Great for work)

Enjoy OG!

Some of the programs require you install Virtual Box on your PC.  Virtual box is a program which allows you to run other operating systems on your PC.


I have been wondering about this, thank you :-) Phone Post

Bluestacks doesn't require anything extra.  You just download, enter your android login info and you're good to go. 

The quality of the graphics isn't as great as on some phones, but it's functional.  I use it mostly for communications as I live outside the U.S., so whatsapp, Kik etc. are very helpful and I can just type on my computer instead of always having to pull out a telephone.  

It's very convenient. 


Basid intro video on Bluestacks.

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Can you use a PS or Xbox controller?

I'm pretty sure you can with Bluestacks.