Android Is For Smart People

Theyre for narcissists. No wonder most of their customers are young, leftists, and women.

Said the faggot

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Thats because they’re gay as fuck…like AskSunny

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I remember hearing about “overclocking”. I think that’s what it was called. Gotta unleash the true hidden Beast Mode power of your phone. lol.

Lots of animosity here from just a phone preference. Soft.

I have an android and I’m still retarded



I’m strongly considering switching back to flip. But if I do, I’ll miss this place. :smiling_face_with_tear:

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Android has a smartphone that flips if you just want a smaller phone

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Iphones are for faggots, and i love how not being able to see if I’ve"read" the text or not bothers women who have iphones.

Women are annoying.

You can turn read receipts off.

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Ah well, as a straight man, i didn’t know that.

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Completely understand

Lol at equating purchasing a less expensive phone to being poor. We’ve got ourselves a real winner here folks.

Money Burn GIF by nog

Hardware aside, Apple is about 1000x more trustworthy with your privacy.
Google has no problem sharing your info internally and externally with anyone who pays them. They also try to hide how much info they are collecting.

Apple wouldn’t even unlock the iPhone of a terrorist for the FBI.


As much as Apple sucks cocks, this is very much correct.

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Imagine how dumb you’d be if you had an iPhone

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Agreed TheRapist! Its like how Macs are training computers for people too dumb to PC.