Android tv boxes TME

Stealthx imx3 android 4.2 XBMC smart tv box.

Thinking about getting one of these. Ive seen it for £75. Is it worth it?
Can I get sky sports hd and stuff on it?

Or are there any alternatives that u can suggest?

Thanks in advance. Phone Post

Ttt Phone Post

Only yourself can answer if its worth it. Try a device with an android os and then decide if you want it on your tv. Phone Post

I actually used my old tablet for a little while with a usb wireless keyboard mouse thay worked great (hdmi output). That was ics. So I can only assume anything newer must work better? I would recommend something with a decent enough chipset for smooth video playback etc bit thats about it really.

But ive never used a box specific. So os wise great though. Phone Post


I'm assuming that you could operate it with your phone instead of the controller that comes with it? Phone Post

I have a sony google tv and I like it

I just dont want to buy one if I cant get like sky sports and stuff. Thanks for the comments anyway. Phone Post