Andy Montana & Vince LuceroNO SHOW

Just want to let all promoters know that Arizona Fighters Vince Lucero and Andy Montana did not show up to fight in Mexico.

Montana did a No Show in Monterrey as well. Heads up!


Just to let all promoters know, not all Arizona fighters are No Shows, dont let the bad apples ruin the whole bunch.

I know Vince and Andy. Im sure there is a good reason for this. They are not the type to do this for no reason. Both are good guys.

Well I guess that does it for them in the KOTC Feb 5th as well. Any one fighting at Heavyweight looking to fight Jimmy Westfall in Albuquerque. Email me.

how much $?

Lucero is in the hosptial. He is sick. That is why he is not there. He always wants to fight and KOTC, he will show, as for Andy I have no idea.

The fight has been filled. Thanks for the interest.

I am sad to see Vince did this, but Victor down there in Mexico put alot of work into his show. He paid fair wages, had medical staff, lots of fair fights, and as a promoter I feel he has earned a bit more respect than a no-show. He has done this to Rage in the Cage a few times and my working relationship with them is such that if they asked me not to use a guy I would have to have a real reason not to honor their wishes. They told me he was one to pull a no show. That is why I am so quick to pull his name off the card.

well when can i fight in mex next?

Vince is definately a good guy, I'm sure there is a legitimate reason for this that he will be able to clear up.

Oh ya. I forgot about the KOTC and RITC working relationship. I know Vince isnt in the best standing with RITC.

sorry, things came up


benito i have no idea who you are but i told victor i could not make it over a week ago, i was sick. jim i will give you the hospital papers if need be.. that is bullshit to come on here and say that...i thought me and victor were straight on this, he needs to come on here and straighten this shit out... everybody who knows me knows ive fought hurt and sick and would never do a promoter wrong...what an ass....i have never no showed to any fight, let jpet or roland come on here and say i have....i fought homer moore for free, and you think i would no show...look at sherdog , i have fought for what 15 shows, a guy who no shows doesnt do that... tickets were bought , we were trying to help victor out by driving there... i help a show and would never no show, this really pisses me off...i have drove over 18 hours to get to a show just to fight...victor is cool and i guarantee ill fight for him on his next show..... benito fuck you..

ttt for vince.

Its good that you want to defend yourself and all, but I personaly heard Victor about him NOT knowing that you were not going to make it and was actually worried because you and Andy were coming together and 2 fights down do damage a card. I also saw your post on the other thread that said you couldnt wait to get to the event.

Dont worry dude, after the event he will come to the forum. If this is all lies by me, I can assure you he will post and clear your name, If not I can assure you he will either not post or confirm.

So, to all please take notice on WHATEVER Victor may post. As to fighting on Victor's next show, yeah I guess once isnt enough. LOL! Like they say once would be your fault, twice would be his.

No troll job here, just pointing out what happened, everything will be out as soon as the fights are over.

                 FUCK YOU VINCENT, You have no word my friend.

dickhead, second hand info.. nice try to ruin my rep with that.. i talked to victor after i saw this, he doesnt know you... said he was ok. he has 30 fighters there. and told me personally that i would be on his next card.. he is having a huge 2 day event was real busy but still had 15 min to spend with me about this... he said he will post on here sunday for he is too busy right now... i really wanted to go , i have family in el paso and cruces they were excited to see time please get the whole story, make me look like shit...its people like you who make people not want to fight in mexico, and make it hard for people like rodolpho,victor and hector to make it work...

Wow what a bitch thats messed up Vince would never do anyone wrong he isn't that type of person.

Lotsa of promoters talking--what were these guys gettin paid boys?
Enough to drive to mexico? Probably no---they were probably gonna
drive cuz they are game fuckers that are ready to fight.
I stick with the fighters on this one!! They do it for the love while alot
of promoters shortchange them.
Whats up Andy--we fought in new mex at Explsion....
God Bless ya both.

Like I said, didnt sound like Vince to me. But who knows with that big headed guy. Maybe his other brain said not to go. hahaha