andy wang is a pu$$y!

Well I for one support Mr. Fickett! He is the man in my book!

Andy is also a HORRIBLE room mate.

Did he spritz???

Why's that Joe...?


uh.... NICK DIAZ, bitch.

uh... KARO PARYSIAN, bitch.

someone got KTFOed by by nick diaz, can't rememebr who; and someone got schooled by karo parysian, can't rememebr who.

wait, i've been drinking too.

wait... i think i remember someone getting choked the fuck out by JOSH BURKMAN too. damn, who was that? ah curse this drinking of mine....

edited becuase i suck at typing.

Yeah, Drew does suck...only 4-3 in the UFC with his losses coming to top 10 guys...what a your UFC record better than 4-3 Phrancis?

rickmass.... you'll have to forgive me, i've been drinking too much

That Diaz stoppage was BS. He was tagging Drew, but Drew was still responsive and there was No time left in the round. I wish that would have gone on, not that it would have necessarily changed the outcome, but because it would have been a great fight.

Drew is not good at fighting, he just tries really hard. he is not good at drinking either, but he tries really hard at that too.


one night at tenth planet last year.   what went wrong?

Does Eddie Bravo always tip-toe for pics?

only when standing next to twinkle toes

Joe, Why is Andy a horrible roommate? he seems to keep to himself and not engage on the bullshit going on at the house, well so far...

Anybody that has the balls to do what Andy has done is NOT a pussy. Fickett may be a better fighter than Andy (he should, considering the 15 pound advantage), but posting crap like that is inappropriate.


You know what man? You still talking crap after all these years? Hey, I'm tired of it. I tried to be the bigger man, but you calling me out in public? You might be bigger than me, but you know what, that's it.

Your lifetime 20% discount card at Panda Express is OFFICIALLY revoked! I'm telling Chinese people everywhere to cut you off!

Take that! No more pork fried rice for you!!!

-Andy "Rice Nazi" Wang

^ lol

Fuckett has left the building.