Andy Wang responds...

If anyone wants to know but Andy Wang commented on his actions on last episode of TUF in the TUF forum. Heres the exact link.

I can summarize this without having read it:

TV editing does not show what actually happened... Jens, BJ and Dana all really respect me and I respect them... everything about the show, including losing my fight and the respect of anyone who watched it, was a positive experience that has helped make me a better person and fighter...whining and cloaking a negative attitude to training, coaches and teammates is all part of my personal outlook on what it means to be a WARRIOR who must defend his HONOR at all costs... (insert various other clichés here).

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greatest cry on any reality show..ever!!


I agree...That cry was from the gut imo, like someone killed his puppy or something.

Greatest cry ever!

Gabe's was close though.

M'eh, who gives a fuck about the crying.. Pretty sad none of you guys have been so passionate about something...

However, FUCKIN OATH he should be ridiculed over his performance in the ring. Fucking disgusting for that good a grappler to stand the whole time. B'ahhhh

Koga is correct.

Andy was stubborn as all hell, but he is a great guy. I talk to him every couple days and always value his input on fighting and training in general. He has the habit of getting tunnel vision, which showed. No need to outright go after the guy though.

"Pretty sad none of you guys have been so passionate about something... "

Dude, BJ and other fighters were fucking laughing at him for that shit.

My little sisters didn't blubber like that when my dad died.

When I met Andy, he was a very cool dude.  I was basically brand new to bjj.  Andy shows up to Bravo's, and I have no idea who he is.  We are working on drills together, and I hear someone ask about a fight.  Another couple of comments go by, before I finally ask, are you a fighter?  Andy says yes and he has a fight coming up. 

Great!, think I.  Cool.  We continue drilling.  Its partner up time for live roll.  Now, I am looking around.  End up with Andy.  It wasn't to pretty.  Very friendly guy though.

"My little sisters didn't blubber like that when my dad died."

Wow.. You wanna clap? I balled my eyes out for a solid hour when my Father died.

ttt for Joe's Tattle Tales < is that the name of the blog btw?

andy wang is a good shit.

Funny how FIGHTERS and people who have actually trained with Andy say nothing but good things about him yet all these other people still talk shit yet know nothing about the guy.

After watching Wang fight, cry, and act like a bitch towards Jens it's no surprise that I don't give a rat's skeevy ass what Wang has to say about anything. No interest in ever watching him fight again either. None.

^^^not to mention, they all say he's a great guy, great training partner, etc. And then the Team Pulver guys still are pissed that he basically gave the fight, and therefore control of the tournament, to Team Pulver.

Great guy, shitty strategist

The whole crying thing pissed me off from day one. Had he fought a good fight with the stradegy laid out for him. I could have lived with the crying. BJ should have said you should be crying because you fought stupid I wanted to cry too.

Now the disrespect toward Pulver really got me.. Jens should have yelled out.. OFF THE TEAM and ran to the tread mill...

To have a legend coach rolling out a game plan that will advance you to the next level and closer to a chance at the contract and you don't f'ing listen to him. He should be doing more than crying, he should be kicking his own ass for being so thick headed. Dude, you have to listen and follow game plans to have success, not only in the fight world but life in general. Wipe the tears and swallow your pride, realize that your not as big a warrior or smart guy as you think you are. Time to make some personal changes and get with the program.

Warrior does not equal going out and getting the crap beat out of you and ignoring the general! You gotta try!!!

What annoyed the shit out of me about Andy was the way he reacted to Jens accepting him on his team. It was a bit of a slap in the face if you ask me. You have BJ kicking him off after he has lost, wich basically means; if Pulver don't accept ya, your dream of winning the contract is over. The goal of the show is to win the fucking contract, not fight for whatever team you prefer. The guy was basically drowning and Jens tossed him a life preserver and he was refusing it.

That being said, does his bitching warrant all the hate he is getting here? No I dont think so. He had a mental lapse and when he was given his jerzey from team Pulver, he said he felt the love and like part of the team. Do I think he has alot of knowledge and can he be a value to a team or as a coach??? I think he might, the season is not over yet. However, unfortunately for him, I think he may be his own worse enemy in the octagon/ring. Hopefully he has learned and he can improve from the experience.

Now Gabe... We need a Godzilla forum before you get me started there. Can't wait till this weeks episode, the house fight looks pretty intense.

Andy should have been leg humping Jens when Jens said he would like to have Andy on his team. Man, Jens took him in without question. Jens did go to the team and get their input which was a stand up thing for him to do and the team was all for it. Then Andy comes with the loyalty pledge response. What a slap to Jens.. Dude, your coach just dised you and you feel like that! Unbelievable! Maybe he has been punched in the head to much.

Now Gabe... Don't get me started on that one.

What I don't get is people are acting like Andy is the first guy to not follow his game plan. I think if BJ had taken gsp down that he would've won the fight easily.