Andy Wang TUF 5 NOOB?

Just browsing the UG when i noticed this.

From: AndyWang

Date: 04/14/07 04:34 PM
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Then began thinking to myself, Andy Wang TUF Noob?

I know nothing about Andy Wang personally, but the day you join isn't the day you started watching mma. Lots of people lurk on here for ages before ever posting.

anyone who thinks Andy Wang is a TUF noob is a TUF noob.

andy is an old school green-namer...either you are trolling or you are a rookie...peace, john

Just messing around John Turner. peace.

Andy is a TOTAL TUF noob. Ask anyone who trained with him, they'll all tell you he got into this whole MMA thing like three years ago.

Dude's a fraud. :)

Sarcasm, Sarcasm, Sarcasm. WTF dudes, it's Monday loosen up.

^You can't clearly understand sarcasm unless you note it...

The computer filters out emotions...

lol this Tuf noob thinking the "Tuff noob" term refers to the fighter in Tuf and not to him....


Andy posts here from time to time and is a BJJ BB. Ive never seen him fight but his record is up on sherdog and has a pretty descent number of fights. I believe he earned his BB in the states then has been starting up some BJJ clubs in Taiwan recently. He has been cool enough to talk about his experience in starting that up over there aswell training with the R1 guys (Trigg, etc). Personally, ive appreciated his opinion that is quite open minded and refreshing towards bjj, judo, mma, etc coming from an actual BJJ BB.

Hopefully, they'll show more of him on TUF, im already sick of half the guys on it but maybe he'll have to resort to play the fu-man-kung-fu angle to get more airplay. Him and Cory can form the TUF Wu-Tang crew.


DIdn't andy post under another name for a long time too? Even before the BJJ taiwan name?

Slie "been here since it was fightsport... 1997"

I'm not actually a TUF noobie, but I am a computer noobie, which is why my screenname changed. My computer caught a mean virus (maybe I should not have been watching that porn with the girls and farm animlas???) and it wiped out a lot of my passwords and I could not remember all of them so I just created a new screenname.

This message board got me through good and bad times, dating all the way back to come across the most interesting people here!

Thanks for the compliments and support; believe me, nobody in the house could compete with Gabe for TV time...I mean, who else was willing to stick a big ass tube up their ass? Not me...


Andy,Im so glad you didn't have that change :)

Ahhh... the Wangsta... cool dude

That is deceiving. This is my third screen name, and I started here way back in 1999.


Thanks...when you call me "wangsta" like that, I get goose bumps all over, hahahah.


"This message board got me through good and bad times, dating all the way back to college"

So that's why you're so good at handling teenage students when teaching high school history? You did all your child psychology research here on MMA.Tv!


Hahahah, who said I was any good at handling teenage students? I did fight two of my former students, you know!!!


I hear some of them have gone on to get some great jobs, like marketing (handing out flyers) outside the great western forum! It's all about marketing, man.