Anfield Clear Out

Who must leave:

  1. Cisse: his performance at the weekend tells you all you need to know

  2. Morientes: no room for nice guys, sorry

  3. Pongolle: on loan anyway, not making any progress

  4. Cheyrou: on loan, utter shite

  5. Traore: 2nd worst player after Cisse

What about that Le Tallec bloke on loan at sunderland? He must be bad.

Yeah, Le Tallec must go too.

So much for the 'French Gems' (Le Tallec and Pongolle)

"Cisse = all run and no skill. "

Mirror image of Baros

It'll be worse than that after the scousers lose the FA cup as well....

Ha, go on Gov, wind em up.

I remember when Houllier signed Le Tallec I heard a story that Alex Ferguson told him that he'd signed the best young player in Europe.

I think Alex must've either been heavy on the sarcasm or on the whiskey all day.

Lord Frodsham has been shite from the beginning. I'm hoping the French FA investigation into dodgy transfer deals declares it illegal and he has to go back to Auxerre and Liverpool get their £14 million back. If not, then Houllier wanted to buy him for a similar amount at Lyon.

Morientes. It just didn't work out, unfortunately. Class player, class act but sometimes it doesn't happen. Nevermind.

Traore. How many other Liverpool fans or Chelsea haters shouted a big "OH SHIT!" when he came on in the semi-final? Probably all of them.

At least Baros put the ball in the net sometimes.. I cant believe that a while ago Liverpool had two good strikers capable of playing at the highest level, and now they have 4 shit bags. Thats some poor business right there.

Whoa! Watch you mouth call Fowler a shitbag!

I couldnt believe it when they resigned him... he couldnt even get a game for man city! man, i laughed myself to sleep that night