Hi Scott

In my life I have developed to much anger, hate from to many bad things that happened to me. I get pissed off to easy, get jeolous in my relationship to easy, take little things way to serious, this stuff has to stop..I need to better myself. Any thoughts or suggestions to help me out..much appreicated..thanx...


Scott is out of town right now I expect him back sometime this week. Being a fellow human have run across a few bits of anger every now and then I can only offer my experience to you. First let me say that a professional evaluation is what I would recommend. I am certainly not a professional. That being said here are a few things that keep me in check during times of need. When I feel angry, I find a place to be alone so that my anger can't hurt anyone. It also helps to have something to expend your energy on such as a punching bag. Deliberatly taking slow breaths changing your physiology will help, also cutting caffiene and sugar help. I don't think there is any substitute for professional guidance though.

I hope I have been helpful



Im no Scott...but I have a lot of experience in your situation.

For me recovering peace began by understanding anger as a secondary emotion. From childhood I trained myself to change fear to anger so fast that I could no longer identify an emotion other than anger. In my training I began looking closely at any episode of anger to see what fear could have caused it...Insecurity...turned out to be alot of it. Fear of rejection etc. Maybe this approach will help you. It takes a very honest person. It seems like it would be hard to admit that I was afraid of being unloved,but it got easier...well hope this helps...looking forwards to Scott's reply.

PS. I feel freer now that ever before and life is incredibly good luck to you.