Angle in MMA

How do you think Kurt Angle would of faired in MMA, instead of going into prowrestling?

 I'm not sure when Kurt got into rastlin but wasnt it before MMA was around....

errr edit* I guess he was, lol

But I think he would have done great if he would have went into mma when he was younger 

He had the ability, he probably wouldve followed the wrestler format.
Win some fights via GNP. Lose one to submission or due to fatigue when GNP doesnt work. Then transform into wither wrestler with subs (ala Hughes) or wreslter with strikes (ala edgar)

Stinger22 - He would do really well.

Awesome wrestler and he is a nutcase.

True story. Partied with Ric Flair in December of this year and he broke out a story of how Kurt and Brock had a wrestling match one time (a real one) and Kurt took Brock down with ease.

Flair said Kurt would have been a great MMA fighter and better than Brock.

I had heard this too, mainly because they were trying to push the real wrestler/pro wrestler angle. They had a couple of other collegiate guys come in, Shelton Benjamin(?),anyways, word got out real quick not to mess with Angle because he still took all of that very seriously and continually wanted to prove himself. In fairness to Brock, he was much bigger in the WWE than during his college days or now, so I am sure he was not used to that size getting in the way of his skill.

^It's true, it's true

 "...Kurt would have been amazing if he went to MMA...the guy was an Olympic Gold medalist with amazing natural athletic ability...seriously is it a surprise he would have been anything less? .."

He probably already knows more BJJ than Coleman and Randleman combined. He's a winner and winners open their minds and want to learn more.