Angle injured

Kurt Angle called the office this morning and said that the numbness has returned to his fingers. He is getting an MRI done to determine the cause of the problem, but at this point is off all shows.

The decision to do the lottery as announced on Raw tonight was done before the word got out about Angle, so it was not a panic move because Smackdown is decimated on the heel side at this point and needs replenishing.

Fuck, as much as I hate it to happen, Angle needs to retire. Save his life its not worth it. We don't need another Dynamite Kid.

Angle needs to retire. Save his life its not worth it. We don't need another Dynamite Kid. I agree.

I would hate to see him go I think he does a great job but he needs to hang it up for his family

If Angle keeps this up i fear his long-term future does not look bright. Unlike a lot of other wrestlers he actually has options outside the WWE, possibly coaching wrestling at a university or something along those lines, so I hope he does the right thing.

He has to have enough $$$ by now, and I've heard form a former training partner that he really is a great guy. He also doesn't mind going against the grain and speaking out against weight cutting (on amatuer wrestling sites) saying things like "You shouldn't cut weight, you really should wrestle at your natural weight- it's healthier for you in the long run. I know a lot of people will disagree with me, but look at who won the gold medal."

I hope he stops too.

We should start a Save Angle campaign.

sad news

I would like to see him coach in the NCAA.

the hawkeyes need a new coach

Crap! He's gotta be done,

maybe he'll finally do the surgery everybody else has had and get this taken care of once and for all.

He doesn't need to risk long term health, he's got a kid to think about now.

This sucks

He's one of the best, but his life is more important.

I think the WWE should do this...

Angle should lose like 5 matches straight...Lose to Guerrero, then to increasingly crappy comeptition, eventually getting beaten by some jobber. All quick matches where he tries "pro-wrestling moves," fucks up and loses. (this gives him a few weeks to recover)

He should then go for a couple of weeks talking about how he was an Olympic gold metalist... a "real wrestler" etc...playing the heel, going out and making speeches in the ring etc. Telling everyone that the only reason he was ever beaten is that he started wrestling like all the other guys in the WWE..not a "real wrestler" (this gives him a few more weeks to recover)

Then he goes on a campaign, (against jobbers in the beginning and midcarders as time goes on) of using "real wrestling". He goes out and just controls the guy and quickly pins him. (more weeks to recover)

Eventually the crowd is going to really build some heat for Angle as he just keeps mat wrestling people and taunting them.

By this time he should know about where he stands inury-wise and he can kind of re-set the audiences expectations...if he feels better he can start adding some of the higher impact stuff back in and the crowd will appreciate it more.