Angle is freakin hilarious!!!!

"So don't you come out here, with your over the top ridiculous championship celebration, in case you forgot, I inVENTED the over the top championship ridiculous celebrations, BUCKO!!!!"

If you saw the last Smackdown and didn't find that segment funny then you might be a corpse. :)

Him and Christian are similar in regards to their hilarity.

"Don't you call me bucko!!!"


Da man!

What does the CROWD alway CHANT when Angle's music is on and he is coming down to the ring.


If it wasn't 5:00 am I'd totally watch that bit again. I'm so watching it before RAW tomorrow.

Nothing beats the time he came back (I think it was from neck surgery) and told the crowd (a la SCSA) "If you're glad I'm back, gimme a big 'YOU SUCK!'"

The best segment I ever seen was when him and Stone Cold were buddy buddy and Austin bought him that tiny little cowboy hat and they played guitar and sang songs together...

Priceless... :)

Fuck, I wish I saw that cowboy bit.

FCFBlazer is correct.

"Vince is talking to Debra. Vince asks what Austin is gonna do. Debra says he doesn't tell him anything. Vince says he hopes it's Paul Heyman's head. Austin walks in with a guitar. Vince asks if he's gonna hit someone over the head with it. Austin says violence is not the answer. Austin says that whenever he was down, his dad would take out his guitar and sing him a few tunes to make him a forget the bully next door or whatever other problems. Vince doesn't know if that's gonna solve his problem. Austin says he's gonna sing to him. He says this number always made him feel better. Austin starts playing Cumbaya. Vince is not very responsive. Austin starts singing I Am The Champion to the tune of We Are The Champions. Vince just looks at him."

"Austin is in the back singing Doo Da. Kurt Angle walks in and says hi. Austin says he is relief. Kurt asks by singing to him? Austin says Vince's hair is growing back. Austin says Kurt is jealous of the relationship that he has with Vince and the fact that he can sing and play the guitar. Kurt says he was in the glee club in high school for two years and he played the yukelele which only has two strings less than a guitar. The two exchange a can-can't argument. Austin gives him the guitar. Kurt says he's got one that will cheer him up. Austin keeps trying to clear his throat loudly. Kurt sings Jimmy Cracked Corn. He's got Olympic Gold. Vince walks out. Austin stops him and asks what he's doing. Kurt says he's cheering up Vince. Austin asks him where is Vince. Kurt doesn't know. Austin says that Vince left because he sucks. Kurt says he's not any worse than he is because he heard him on the way in. Austin says he spent a lot of money on guitar lessons and he's great. He tells Debra to say he's great."

I need to see it.

I'm trying my damndest to find you a video link FD