ANGLES that drew the most HEAT!!!

Sgt Slaughter- back in the early 90's as a heel, Iraqi sympathyzer during the invasion of Kuwait. Reportedly, WWF had to call off plans where they had Wrestlemania booked and change venues because of death threats against Slaughter. People hated that mofo traitor!!!

The Koloffs- Ivan and Nikita! Bad-ass, tough, feared, oldschool communist Russian heels! They had the chains, they'd cut promos with their Russian accents always drawing heavy boos from the fans! The angle biting from the whole 'cold war' USA vs USSR conflict. These guys drew mad heat everywhere they went!

Nikolai Volkoff- ^^^pretty much same as Koloffs with USA vs USSR angle. ALthough he did go the extra mile to piss off fans by taking the liberty before matches of singing his Soviet national anthem lol!

The Iron Sheik- Hated by the fans because he was middle-eastern, Iranian, Muslim -which all are commonly associated by the average American with terrorism! Not to mention all of the early airline hijackings that were taking place during the Iron Sheik's career. During Sheiks run, I was a kid who knew nothing about politics and terrorism, but even I hated his ass as a kid!

Anybody notice a trend with all these angles that drew the most heat?

that's what I mean. In pro wrestling, a cheap, easy, foolproof way to build heat is when they divide nationally. I don't think that after 9/11, these kinds of angles can work anymore in wrestling. Maybe that's one of the problems they're having with the feuds these days...the same old tricks that used to work don't anymore.

For example, an 'Iron Sheik' for this era would be an angle basically consisting of a wrestler supporting Al Queda. No question this kind of angle would get over and build huge heat and hatred with the fans, but how politically incorrect would something like that be in this day and age?

These kinds of angles will never work again in pro wrestling.


the origins of the NWO......period.....and then they ran it into the ground..........

When Armando Alejandro Estrada first started in OVW a couple years ago, he was called "Osama" and came out waving an Iraqi flag

They didn't move wrestlemania cause of death threats. They moved it due to lousy ticket sales because they thought they could sell out the LA Coluseum(sp). Didn't happen and they didn't want their bigest event of the year to look sparce so they moved it and trumped up the event with the death threat crap.

Raven crucifies Sandman. So much heat, it was never broadcast on TV! Funny thing, about a year later, Undertaker crucified Austin on RAW, and no one seemed to care!

Nikita hurt his neck thats why he left.

From the older days, the Koloffs versus any combination of Rhodes/Magnum/Garvin/RnR express was classic heat.

Larry Zybysko turning on Bruno Sammartino was amazing when I was a kid. Even later when Zybysko brutalized Bockwinkle in AWA with the nunchakus, it didn't top the Sammartino feud.

"Nikita hurt his neck thats why he left."

He walked away from wrestling before that because he was disillusioned with the business. He came back after a few months. The neck injury is why he retired for good after coming back.

Nikita is a preacher now I think. Does work w/ DiBiase and Sting. Supposedly was greatly affected by Magnum T.A.'s accident and began seeking religious guidance.