Angry Lazer Monkeys Web Site

Seriously, this time I'll try to make a forum for us. :)

someone bought the domain name. :-/

Can you setup a DKP system for us and a page to schedule raids?


Open source DKP systems:

or perhaps a client side:

Well probably not if you want ALM's to just run instances and not do any end game content.

I think if we ever tried to run MC we'd need some kind of DKP system. Losing a set piece roll to a first time MC'r would suck bad.

Though I don't think it would matter much as I doubt we'd see MC with ALM anyway.

Maybe, who knows..

I can buy I think. My host is using IIS, so any chance there's a .NET or ASP version of DKP software? I'll look around as well.

Yes, definitely a forum and scheduling for raids/activities.

I don't think we need DKP for 20mans.

I thought we wanted to do more than 20 mans though. I was under the impression that this was one of the big reasons for going to SL in the first place.

I guess what I'm saying is, how long will people be happy with running 5-10 mans and puggin 20s?

Yeah I'd like to recruit and get a site together to manage the stuff. looking into it