Anik for 155, changing of the garb?

I hope this isn't the changing of the garb for Goldie.

From time to time I get stuck into him but he really is an old favorite, wouldn't be the same without him..... Phone Post

Changing of the garb imo. He did say that way too many times and got it wrong saying guard as I've learned, could have been his demise, his mike straka moment. Phone Post

All I know is Anik sucks and I wish they had the WEC guy coming in. Maybe if it truly is the changing of the garb they'll at least have the WEC guy on the B team until it's obvious how much better than Anik he is and then switch em.

That WEC cage announcer did a great job in Australia too... That show was so well done (WEC)

Anik is pretty atrocious.  What about bringing in Quadros and Bas for a reunion show.  I think most people would enjoy that.

I can't believe this "changing of the garb" bullshit is really catching on. Phone Post

Anik's not bad, but he's the B Team.  That said, a lot of suggestions are play by play guys.  Rogan does that already.  Sure, add another and it would be cool, like a Militech, but you still need that guy that does the promos and advertising shit that HAS to be done.  Goldie gets shit one for some of it, but damn, it's his job, he has to talk about Corn Nuts!  Goldie would probably rather pbp and shoot the shit like Rogan does.  Two different roles. 

Oh, either Militech, Randy, or Mir for another play by play.  All three guys have been champ and know mma inside and out.  I actually rate it Mir, Randy, then Militech, but it's all close.  All are thinking guys and intelligent.  I'd almost like to see how Rashad would do.  He's another uber-intelligent mma-knowledge guy and former champ.