Animal Conflict We Will Never See

What are some animal conflicts that would be crazy to watch, but we will never see? Animals who live in profoundly different environments so they will never meet but would be a hell of a fight?

Box Jelly Fish vs. Black Mamba

Bull Shark vs. Saber Tooth Cat

Silverback Gorilla vs. Grizzly Bear

Add to the list... Phone Post 3.0

megalodon vs. game pitbull

Prime Fedor vs. hungry Polar Bear Phone Post 3.0

polar bear vs sumatran tiger

Prime brock vs old fedor Phone Post

Or even
Old brock vs old fedor take your pick.
=/ Phone Post

10 silverback gorillas vs 100 brock lesnars

blue whale vs velociraptor!

Sasquatch vs. Gan McGee. Phone Post 3.0

sumatran rat monkey vs ..... rattle snake Phone Post

jjchgo - megalodon vs. game pitbull
Lol vu Phone Post 3.0

Seagal vs Helio