Just found this AC site. As far as I know this is the best site of its kind out there:

" is your one-stop site for everything Animal Crossing. Here you can set up your inventory to trade your stuff with other users using our innovative Trading Post or chat with other Animal Crossing members on our Message Boards. You can show off your artistic talents by creating patterns with our Pattern Maker and have other members vote on whether or not it's worthy of the Top 10.

This is just the tip of the ACC iceberg. There's a ton to explore and do at ACC and we're always adding new and exciting features. If you are a new user click here to get started. Or, you can browse the site on your own, and use the Getting Started link in the AC Community menu to help you out whenever you need it."

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Well if I can't find my fucking Animal Crossing thread then at least I found this!!

If you're the kind of gamer that's into getting all the collectable items in a game, you'll never put AC down.