Ankle Capsule Tear

Nov 18th I hurt my ankle in judo class, a 220 lber landed on my ankle, twisting it the wrong way, and making an audible pop.

I went to a doctor the next day, because I couldn't walk or put any weight on it, and he said it was just a sprain, just RICE. A week later it still wasn't better, so at that doc's suggestion, I went to a podiatrist. he told me I had one, possibly two torn ligaments, but I wouldn't need surgery. He taped my ankle and foot up, and told me to stay off it as much as possible, but I didn't need crutches. I did this for a month, with very little improvement, so I talked to some people, and went to a, orthopedic surgeon.

He told me that I had a capsule tear. He put me in an air cast and said in a couple weeks come back and start PT. I am about to start PT, but I was wondering how the healing process has gone for others with this injury. Anyhonw know about how long it will take?

lol, amazingly I did the exact same thing last night... so I might as well skip seeing a doctor and head to an orthopedic surgeon?