Ankle Injury, Any Advice?

Last week i was training Muay Thai and I kept catching peoples elbows on my left ankle. Its started to get swollen and hurt but i ignored it and kept training. Later i threw a HEAVY kick that was blocked and caught it in the same spot. I kept working out for about an hour before going home and icing it.

I woke up the next morning and could barely walk so I stayed home and iced it for the rest of the day. The swelling is gone, but its still really sore about and inch to two inches about my ankle and really hurts when i flex it.

Is this something I should go to the doctors about or will it eventually go away?

I've had the exact same thing happen. It went away after several days. There's probably still swelling in the joint which makes it painful to flex and move it. Should get a little better every day, just rest it for a while and get out of Slummerville ;)

OK, that's one option, with horse steroids and the lube and all.

How about this? If you have health insurance go to the doctor's office. If you do not have health insurance then RICE it (Rest Ice Compression Elevation) - with EMPHASIS ON REST. Stay off the ankle (and don't kick anybody) until at least the pain goes away.

Buy a pair of shinguards with a flap to cover the top of your foot. Also, tell you dumb sparring partners to stop blocking your swing kicks with their elbows. If it were a real fight you'd probably shatter their elbow. You're never suppose to block a swing kick with your forearm or elbow.

"just rest it for a while and get out of Slummerville ;) "

U know the Ghetto dont let u out man LOL

RICE it.

Going to the doc isn't a bad idea, cause X rays are cheap and easy. Any damage you would have done to an ankle will show up on an x-ray 9/10 times. (unlike your lower back or shoulder)

I did the same thing a million times when I first started, but it stopped after a while. First, I learned to stop sparring with heavyweights all the time (duh), and to get in a little closer when I kick.

Also? My shinguards don't suck ass now. Cripes, I had those Century type cloth ones and they're AWFUL. I still have knots in my shins from using those things. (and I used to even have 2-3 pairs on). Get a set of Twins, Windy, Fairtex, Ringside, Combat Sports intl, whatever. Just get the bigger kind with more padding. the top of your ankle can can get really messed up from sparring with shitty shin protection and catching knees. Mine got swollen up to a grapfruit size on the top once after a heavyweight checked a kick, and I caught his knee on my foot. Dumb, dumb, dumb of me.

But the swelling and everything went down within a few days, I just had to take it easy. Repeated shit like this though is DUMB and the reason why guys like Ramon Dekkers has to have chunks of bone removed from his feet every few years.

RICE it - everybody's saying it because its the best advice, in addition to some advil. stay off it as much as possible for a couple days, it should improve, if it doesn't, get in to see a doctor...

Thanks for the advice guys. I will probably go to the hospital to get it checked out if its not feeling any better by the end of the week. Im an idiot, I have full health care coverage but i hate going to the doctor, i should be taking care of it

Linkage, Ive been training for 3 years and this is the first time it happened. I think it was just a case of it happening once or twice and then me being to cautious trying to stop it from happening again actually opening myself up to more injury. My shin pads suck ass to. I have the cloth ones but their so old that their like half as thick as they used to be.

"My shin pads suck ass to. I have the cloth ones but their so old that their like half as thick as they used to be."

I'm telling you: spring for some good ones. has a great deal on the Twins shinguards, and their shipping is great from Thailand. (Longest I've waited is a few weeks) Those are the best I've tried, hands down. They actually have this weird non slip stuff on the inside so the padding doesn't slip off of your shin or instep, and two elastic bands-one that goes around your achilles tendon, the other goes around your arches. These things do not slip, or go anywhere, and THAT is typically how you get the injury you describe. (in a fight, it doesn't matter cause you're gonna be laid up for a week anyways, and you won't feel it during the fight...but training, it fucking sucks, huh? ;)