Ankle Lock(s) Instructional ?

Are there any instructionals on ankle locks ? I am looking for something that teaches the proper mechanics, setups etc. What is the differnce between the Figure-four toe hold and the step-over toe hold ?
Any suggesstion would be appriciated.

Eric Paulsons Killer Leg Locks one and two.

Bas Ruttens Extreme Pancrase Leg locks.

The figure four toe hold is the one you will have seen used. The step over toe hold is more of a compression lock on the back of the leg where you dont use your hands only your body weight leaning forward.

Basically imagine a kneebar scenario. You are on your back and the guy you are kneebaring is on his front. take one of your legs and fold it at 90degrees to his leg behind his knee. Sit up quicky and rock your weight forward for the compression finish.

Its defo on the Paulson tape 1. Failing that try google, you never know.

True dat. Paulson's Killer leg locks are awesome.

I love ankle submissions!! Get Paulson's first, he is very good and most of his techniques are fairly high %

if you want to learn proper mechanics DON'T get the paulson tapes. if you want to learn a million and one cool entries then do :)

for mechanics i would go with either the roy harris or scott adams tapes and then follow up with paulson after that :)

Actually, Michael Jen's "Lethal Leg Locks" is a very underrated set. I have a few leg lock tapes and Mike's tapes are my favorite.

Scott Adams' tape is the best all round one I've seen for high percentage moves.

Paulson's are great for loads of mad entries and expanding your knowledge of what's possible.

Or you could wait about 3/4 months for mine to come out :o)


Vince Fields.

If you aren't too familiar with them, I can't recommend anything more highly than Roy Harris BJJ 101 vol 3.

It covers the mechanics of the straight footlock, straight ankle lock, 2 achilles presses, some knee wrenches, straight kneebars, figure-4 toehold, heel hook, hip lock, and some others. He shows control positions and their use while working for a finish (both for ankle and knee locks). Also shown are entries, counters, and combinations. It's a great tape!


Here are some leg lock tapes that I recommend

1) Roy Harris BJJ 101 Volume 3 - excellent tape for the basics. great details, and good solid info. great for beinners. His Heel Hook Seminar tape is also very very good. Its loaded with details.

2) Tony Ceccine - he has 3 tapes in his series devoted to leg attacks. Volume 7 I believe deals mainly with the straight ankle locks. Excellent details. One of his other tapes focuses a lot on the toe hold. Really great stuff

3) Erik Paulson - So many entires, so little time to train them all. My only porblem is that they are lacking in details. But the info is solid. I really like volume 3 the best. Get these when you have more experience

4) Igor yakimov - 6 tapes on leg locks. Really great info here. Since its a sport sambo set, there is more of an emphasis on the straight ankle lock. really awsome stuff here.

5) Vince Fields - he has trained with so many leg attack specialist that is shows. Tons and tons of leg attacks. his seminar tape rocks. Also he provides some excellent detail.

6) Michael Jen - His lethal leg locks tapes are great. Excellent detials and very practical techniques. Awsome stuff. I really like volume two a lot. Everything he teaches is in a progression. Great way to learn.

I know Im missing a few others but these are my favs.


If you only want to buy one tape on leglocks, your best bet is the Vince Fields seminar tape. He shows the most moves I've ever seen on one tape, and covers lots of high-percentage attacks, counters, and escapes.
Plus, he's studied with LeBell, Gokor, Paulson, Pordash, and others, so you get a look at the best moves from several styles.

Roy Harris's heel hook seminar is on the other end of the spectrum from Fields's, in that he covers just one move in great detail. Great explanation of mechanics, entries, escapes, and (my favorite) 6 basic control positions for the lock. They give you the ability to flow with a resisiting opponent, and apply to the straight ankle lock a swell as the heel hook.

Michael Jen's Lethal Leglocks is in the middle ground between Fields and Harris, giving you the best of both: a good number of moves covering the most likely situations you'll face, as well as well-constructed sets of techniques. Jen shows how one move leads into another, which leads into another, etc. Like jonpall said, this is an awesome, under-appreciated set.

not to flame or stgart a war lol but i actually heard the jen set wasnt that good....... i have some of his other stuff and found it awesome however

where can i find the Scott Adams tapes ? Thanks for all of suggestions . i will look into all of them

click the island entertainment link

another question: How can leg locks be lethal? Is there a high death rate from these moves being applied? ; )

the death rate is exceptionally high

"the death rate is exceptionally high"


Well, if you kneebar me again it'll go up by one :o)

Tony C's are very detailed. Shows how to control your opponent and some very subtle details that make a world of difference. Also shows some important info on entries into the ankle lock. I think they are now on DVD.