Ann Arbor MI lookn for NHB teacher

Ann Arbor instructor wanted! I'm look'n for someone to teach NHB/SUB-WRESTLING. This may be a good opportunity for somebody to start their own club. Gym is fully equipped with wall to wall matts,banana bags, gloves,ext.. Any more question feel free to email me,


Sorry about your luck finding an instructor Sandman,if I still lived in Michigan or if I ever move back there I would try to help you out in your search seems nobody else gives a shit about Michigan grappling.I will call a friend of mine who might know a guy he works with that was instucting him awhile back and put a bug in his ear and ask him to find out if the guy still works teaches and maybe interested or may know of someone who is.

Nick May (Machine May) is a very cool guy and a buddy of mine, but he's a BJJ white belt and has very serious health problems right now. I really doubt he could help you with MMA instruction.

I'd check out Don Richard in Holly, Michigan. Or Angelo Popofski (sp?) in Walled Lake, Michigan. Both are brown belts in BJJ under Caique and are experianced MMA competitors. to contact them.

If you are closer to West Michigan, then check out Rob Masko. Rob's ground game and sub skills are black belt level and he has A LOT of MMA experiance. In my opinion, Rob is the best MMA instruction in Michigan.

If you are near the Kalamazoo area, check out the Southside Dojo. Some great MMA fighters and sub grapplers and Judokas there.

If you are near Grand Rapids and are looking for BJJ instruction, check out Clint Crabtree. He's a Jorge Gurgel brown belt and runs an awsome school in Grand Rapids.

LOL @ hendew...."Nobody gives a shit about MI grappling"?

Of course you did your research and found out that there are NO BJJ/MMA schools in MI, right?

Elgringo is correct, and you can add about 6-8 more names/schools on that list. The problem is that we all have school that we teach and fight out of already.

Good luck to you guys in your search!

L@l hendew?,I was just stating this guy has made 3 threads and no response to any accept this one.I do care about Michigan grappling I hope it gets to be huge I am going to mve back there one day and need a solid place to train.I work for Ford Motor Company and the way things are right now I could be laid off here and have to move back there sometime soon or maybe next year or possibly never,so I just was trying to help the dude out not offend anyone in Michigan about the lack of grappling schools.


If there's a lot of MMA in Michigan, can anybody tell me what's near Lansing? I moved here about 2 years ago and things have really died out here. A BJJ school called Lorado's closed down and some good grapplers took off to Cali. Then there were two guys who were really good, Sam Wells and Matt Torez. The last I heard, Wells isn't training and Torez left town, I talked to Tim Sylvia two UFC's ago and he knew Torez and said he was making trips over to Miletich's gym often. Noe Hernedez might still live around here, but I think he's working full time now from rumors. The only guy that I know of is a blue belt that teaches great muiy-thai, but the class never gets to grapple, so I quit.

I'm so frustrated and don't want to travel an hour to other gyms. I had the idea of building a gym in my basement, so I have everything you would possibly need to train including a treamill. Enough room for about 5 people at the most. If anybody's in the Lansing area and tired of this ghost town, let's start something at my place.

solidsnake we are currently moving my school from Holly to lake Fenton.It is kind of far maybe 45 min.but we may be the closest to you.If your interested shoot me an email

-Don Richard

In regards to "no one caring about Michigan grappling" the problem really is all the qualified people in Michigan either teach some where else or are too far away to help.I have 2 blackbelts from Metro fight club but Ann Arbor is too far away for me to teach there on a regular basis.I hope some one will come along the place is nice an ideal set up for MMA training.

Yeah, that's my problem... Ann Arbor is 50 minutes from me, otherwise I'd offer to do something.

ttt for Mi MMA

Not to hijack this thread but anyone know of any schools or places to train in Northern MI. Petoskey, Gaylord or Traverse City?

Also where is Rob Masko specifically located? Contact info?


Will do

I just find it hard to believe that there's not one person out there, that's not looking for a place to teach. This gym has it all! everything you need to train in MMA. It just seems like a waste for this gym just to sit there empty! If anybody has any suggestions, feel free. I'm will'n to have an open mat through out the week, if people have no place to train.

Sam Wells is still in Lansing and doing well.

He has, however, been dedicating alot of time towards a musical career and also has gone back to school, which takes him away from training more than before but he still trains.

He also likes holding hands, romantic candlelit dinners, and long walks on the beach... :)

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Lake Fenton is a few miles south of I-69 on U.S 23.

James Lee is currently teaching out of WarriorWay in Walled lake and is doing very well.He just won in Pancrase defeating Kengo Watanabe by RNC in :55 sec 1st round.

i train with sam wells and hes going to be teaching at a new location. east lansing at the pump house 368 orchard .st across from blockbuster i believe. starting january 7th. thats for any one around the area. you will get a great workout and training. trent

Trenton, Im interested in training out there, can I get your e-mail so I can get some contact information?

Or can u just post a phone # or contact information for the gym?

The Gomez Academy is not that far from Ann Arbor. Maybe 20-25 minutes.

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