Ann Arbor MI lookn for NHB teacher

Uncle Justice, my background is 1 NHB fight in Indiana, lots of college boxing bouts with WMU's once existing boxing team and helped instruct classes and intense cardio workouts. I'd say I'm around a blue belt level in grappling, even though I haven't actually earned a belt. I spent some time at Severn's place back when Quincy Rice was teaching there. Stand up skills are great too. I've given a lot of mat time to some good guys helping them prepare for fights. Excellent with the focus mits and currently working on getting certified as a kickboxing instructor with the AFAA.

Here's my email I'm located 15 minutes from MSU's campus to give you an idea of location. I'm much more open to setting up a garage fight club over paying money for a membership at this point. Free for everyone. If any of you guys want to check out my setup, shoot me an email and I'll give you a tour. It's not a cement floored room with brick walls and junk everywhere, I actually put a lot of time and money into it.

Kai, drop me a line if you're ever in the MSU area.

If Sam Wells is getting something together in January, I'm definitely in. Any of you guys who know him can say that's he's a bad mother and one of the coolest guys I've ever met. I still have one of his tapes, so I gotta get that back to him. I did the same thing he's doing by finishing school and focusing on my career about 2 years ago, so I had to disappear for a while.

If any of you friends of Wells could shoot me an email with more info on training in January, please do. I'll be a great addition to your group.If you guys need a good focus mit holder and cardio coach, I'm willing to help and donate time.


trenton, if you guys need a Web site and t-shirt designs, I can hook you guys up. I work as a graphic/web designer so just let me know. I want to help Sam out.

Shit....too bad I dont live in Michigan, otherwise, it sounds like a great

My name's Joe, I was training off and on in Gold's gym and a little with Sam's and Matt Torez's groups two years ago if that helps.

nowaydo, if you guys are starting something in East Lansing in January, I'd definitely like to join.

elgringo my email is andthe time is 7:30to9:30 on fridays starting on the 7th of january. Trent hatt

yeh for anyone michigan does suck but you got to take what you can get.i used to go to metro once in a while but its to far and dont even know if its still there. thats one reason im moveing to arizona and job change. Trent

nowaydo just started with sam 2months ago at mmaa he just left.

Uncle Justice - yeah I've trained with Craig Gray. I just recently started training with him again.


I thought this thread was about "Ann Arbor MI lookn for NHB teacher"

Sorry dude, just doing some networking. This web site rules.

Isn't Sean a black belt now?

Sean's a brown belt, He teaches BJJ Three nights a week there already.

it was about ann arbor

Sandman...I am visiting Ann Arbor for about a week. I train BJJ with Rey Diogo in Cali and would like to roll a little bit if there is a gym nearby. Do you have a school or a place with open mat time? Thanks.

Cool Guy 21 please tell Rey & Tati that I say hello and will get down
there to train soon..


I sure will tel him that you said hello. He is on a well deserved vacation right now.

don richard is the best nhb teacher in michigan!

There are several great MMA trainers in Michigan.Dave Gomez,Quincy Rice,James Lee,Bryan Harper and Myself as well as a few others.

That's where Quincy was teaching.He is taking some time off because of injuries and personal reasons.