Anna Kendrick is one cool chick

Just blue myself so if these dont post I am sorry.

I did Phone Post

Damn it... someone help me out.. whats the code Phone Post

use the picture button in html bar, and then use the direct url to the image

The code is the 2nd image from the right just above the text box.

Click on it, then put image url in.

Im posting from phone so dont have that Phone Post

Phone Post 3.0

Just post the links Phone Post 3.0

Phone Post

Fuck it Phone Post

Thread clusterfuck on progress Phone Post


Phone Post 3.0

^ fucking lol Phone Post 3.0

Phone Post 3.0

LMAO you guys fail at da OG

good god, you suck!

Lol Phone Post

Voted up, lol Phone Post 3.0

I'm outta here

Superbean, you forgot a quotation mark between the = sign & the link

You're welcome Phone Post

just blew* yourself

*fixed it for you