Anne Heche in critical condition after fiery car crash

Mother of God Seal is one ugly bastard. And no it doesn’t have anything to do with the scars. He’s just ugly in general.

Melanie looks thrilled.

Damn she was about to leave the ground she was driving so fast in that vid!

not sure if its news but she is in critical condition and in a coma - i thought i read she had been upgraded to stable at one point?

So is she now the hottest lesbo ever?


They call induced coma stable

She has nudes btw

Awkward Oh No GIF by CBC

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Man. Hope she recovers and is not too messed up. She’s legit mentally ill isn’t she?

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She’s a liberal woman so she is definitely just riddled with mental illness.

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at least she can afford the best doctors, lawyers, and plastic surgeons
she will need em

its wasnt induced as far as i have read

Burns are the worse, doubt she survives. How old is she? Seems too old for a stunt like this.