ANNOUNCEMENT: Everyone Read!

A number of our board members on Kickboxing forum do not like one another, and have no problem letting the world know about it. Lately, this has started to become a really big issue, as threads are being hi-jacked and new threads are being started for the sole purpose of calling one another out.

In effort to alleviate this problem, I created a separate thread for you guys in which you could go to town on one another. I laid out a couple of very simple rules for you guys to follow. If you have something to say to someone, please refer to that thread. Do not pollute the rest of our message board with your shit, and do not hi-jack other members threads.

Let me make something clear. If this is the way you want to behave, great! You are free to do so somewhere else. If you wanna bitch & moan about each other, then take this to Bullshido or FightSport. Those sites thrive on this type of behavior.

I also want to point out something. This message board is not a democracy. There is no room for negotiation on this matter.

I just spoke with David Ross via PM. He did bring up a valid point regarding how the rules were worded in my NYC Promoter Death-Match thread. I mistakenly posted a rule where a forum member could only be "called out" if they posted on the thread. I should not have worded it that way because that wasn't exactly my intent.

I believe that most of us are adults here and understand what the spirit of what I was saying was meant to be. But, for those of you who still don't get it:


If you want to fight, get on the "Death-Match" thread and KEEP IT THERE!

Supporting your decision 100%!!

For the record, I have been very tolerant of this behavior for YEARS! Hell, its been quite amusing in most instances. But lately its starting to get out of control. It has always been my goal as a mod to let these things sort themselves out.

I believe the record speaks for itself, there has RARELY been an instance where I've felt the need to step in to do or say anything. But you guys are starting to get out of hand.

I have created a venue for you guys to air your grievances in. Please use it.

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