Annual Sambo Awards in Detroit?!

Lmao, is this real life?

Bunch of idiots from Detroit host annual Sambo Awards to mock black people who have collaborated with white devils and such.

Videos behind the link.

Those morons brought watermelons on stage.

Now, imagine if some white group would hold a ceremony awarding the worst race traitors within the white community. HuffPost dykes and MSNBC would be all over that shit!

Oh, the blogger is a white version of Clayton Bigsby.

Nobody? Lol

I thought this was about Russian Judo.

phydeau - I thought this was about Russian Judo.

Me, too!

Barry Soetoro Jr - Nobody? Lol

You know the Jews are behind it in some way, Barry.

Go ahead, say it.

Soup Nazi - 

Good video, thanks for posting Soup.