Another $929M wasted by biden

This 4+Trillion dollar Stimulus package is pretty good! … good to screw us up.

I took the train from L.A to San Jose once. It took nine hours and a car would’ve been faster…

High speed rail from the Vegas Strip to Los Angeles Union Station would be a game changer for the country. I don’t expect that will ever happen. Barstow to Primm or what the fuck ever that last plan was, isn’t that.

High speed rail should take that down to 2 hours, even with a stop or two, vs 5 hours in a car or 8 (scheduled) by traditional rail.

CA already has a traditional rail all the way through it, run by Amtrak. I’ve ridden it several times; it’s rather nice from San Diego to LA, right along the beach for a good portion. It’s a lot of working & business class commuting, with some vacationers. I’ve never seen a bum & very rarely seen the uppities; the ticketing system isn’t conducive to any of that.

Ridesharing is very popular in the busier areas of LA/San Francisco (with the exception of the pandemic, because people stopped driving) due to the convenience & cost vs parking. Or maybe I’m not understanding your question. How is arriving on a train any different from arriving on a plane? That’s the primary comparison, & you’re gonna have to make arrangements either way.

It’s not affordable.

I haven’t made a claim about that (either direction).

This project has been grossly over budget and behind schedule forever. CA is not able to get this done, not now, not ever. Might as well have lit that $929,000,000 on fire.

Ok so why not take a plane? Why the fuck are they spending 10s of billions of dollars for this ? There MUST be some massive benefit to this. Correct? Do they really think it’s going to reduce traffic and “save the environment”?

Whomever mentioned the political kickbacks and donations cycle is probably right

Haha wow, the highspeed rail that is already billions over budget and nowhere near completion is getting almost a billion more from this corrupt trash administration? I wish I was surprised.

There are actually (some) living people that voted for this demented old pedo! They exist! How embarrassing… “But, trump wanted a few billion to secure our border, it is just too expensive!”

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What a great way to waste money. Rail is such a money loser. It would be cheaper to just Uber everyone in California

For one, getting in & out of LAX is a nightmare each & every time. Union Station has always been a pleasant experience for me.

For another, unimpeded travel is always preferred over having a goon grab my junk, shine a flashlight up my ass, & straight up steal out of my bag what little I’m allowed to carry in the first place.

Trains are significantly more fuel efficient than planes per passenger mile although I don’t know of any studies that include all infrastructure costs; personally I don’t care either way & am just answering that question.

Why are you so emotionally bent over my very mundane response?

My body wants to say Retards but I’m afraid it’s a little more sinister than that. These fucks are giving away tax payers money back to themselves essentially. People have died for less, fuck man, we’re getting fucked again and again and then some

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I think these worthless projects are ways to burn up dollars to prevent inflation. You print like crazy but you do stuff like go to war and drop expensive bombs on men riding camels. You build rails to nowhere and give money to banks that they store, not spend

No, it won’t. It could possibly do so if it was a direct path and no stops but that doesn’t suit the Gettys, the Pelosis, the Feinsteins, the Browns, the Newsoms, and all their friends who bought up desert wasteland knowing the real path this shitbox would eventually take. They also put stops all up and down so we can visit wonderful places like Bakersfield and Merced. They also don’t know how to get it into LA.

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From my very first post ITT: “I don’t expect that will ever happen.”

From my post you responded to: “should” (not “would”).

Can you poop on it?

You can poop on the partially completed tracks (which I’m sure the homeless in CA already are), and that is literally all this project will ever be good for.

My response isn’t emotional. It’s how I talk amongst friends. You faggot. Again. Amongst friends.