Another arcade cab...maybe

Crossing my fingers on this one. A guy may have a 39" Dynamo showcase cab. You can do a whole lot with one of those. Hoping he still has it. Waiting on a response now

It should look something like this.,d.b2U&psig=AFQjCNHsiLRNGNV-BSNpx2SD_k3siF93Ww&ust=1409144566530320

Awesome! Always wanted a big showcase cab, reminds me of the MvC at the local arcade here years and years ago.

I'll probably convert it to a fighter

Hypothetically, could you move the laser guns to the edges and add in buttons/joystick, to have both on one machine? Always been curious if you could deck one big cab with multiple control methods to switch between and have the best fit for whatever game you are playing.

yeah you could rig it any way you like if you know how to fudge the wiring harness