Another Black Scumbag 'Caregiver' Abusing An Elderly White Man! Black Crimes Matter!

Fucker needs to be shot right between the eyes!

Come on leftists, make excuses for him!

Nope. Not even going to watch this.

I’ll be surprised if anything is even done to the piece of shit.


The moron recorded it (it’s not that bad to be honest - no hitting or anything like that).

They’re still hiring black people to care for the white elderly?

It’s disturbing that he thought to record something like this in the first place. It’s not interesting or funny

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Blacks have a different sense of humor

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You should watch it. Be disgusted. Don’t pretend this stuff doesn’t exist.

It’s not bad. Just a stupid kid trying to be funny. It’s a caricature of a dumb black person smacking his lips on greasy fried chicken and being violent tempered.

Pretty racist when you think about it.