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i remember that one... great for old bootlegs

found Jimi hendrix apartment tape. it was AWESOME. what a beautiful strat tone he had tweaked that day.

Thank You!

If this is of any interest to anyone:

Captain Beefheart, Portble People:

Shows (also chapters) in this DVD:

1) The artist formerly known as Captain Beefheart. BBC special 1997

2) Cannes music festival. France, January 27, 1968
· Electricity
· Sure Nuff'N'Yes I do

3) Beat club. Bremen. Germany, 1972
· I'm gonna bloogarize you baby

4) Psycomania. Clip 1974
· Upon the My-O-My

5) French TV 1974
· Mirror man
· Upon the My-O-My
· Full moon
· Crazy little thing
· Improvisation
· Peaches
· Take me to your House
· You're gonna need somebody

6) Saturday Night Live. November 1980
· Hot Head
· Feel like an ashray heart

FastAndBulbous would be all over the Captain Beefheart.

Yeah, where is that fugger?

I think he posts mostly as Haole, these days.