another boxing screw job.

A while back I wrote a thread about how my former sparring partner Louis Monaco was somewhat "abused" by several big name fighters using him to pad their records. That is not to say that he didn't enjoy the pay day, but lets just say, guys like Kilitchko could have been better served paying him to be a sparring partner. I used to handle Louis easily in sparring and I'm an amateur, why do so many top pros need to fight a guy like that? Here is a list of some of the guys who have fought him:

Malik Scott, Samson Po'uha, Ross Puritty, Eliecer Castillo, Fres Oquendo, Lamon Brewster, Lawrence Cley-Bey, Kirk Johnson, Vitali Kilitchko, Micheal Grant, Buster Douglas (who he actually KO'd), Trevor Berbick (who he also beat) and he boxed to a draw with kickboxing and K-1 ledgend, Rick 'The jet' Rofus. The guy lost to Butterbean for crying out loud! The guy is 12-27-3 and its obvious that people are fighting him to pad their records. It makes me a little sick to be honest.

Well I have another example for all of you. A pro that I train with by the name of Jesus Lopez was fighting Eric Morel on undercard of Oscar De la Hoya and Pernell Whittaker (a ppv card). The bout was scheduled for 8 rounds. His entire training camp was centred on attacking the (at that time green) Morel's body. After the 1st round the ref comes to his corner and tells him "the bout has been changed to a 4 rounder." His entire strategy was shot dead right there. Morel won a 4 round decision. I'm not saying Jesus would have won, but after that, he didn't even have a fair sporting chance. It seems way to easy to get fucked in boxing if you aren't "in the with the right people".


MMA is worse unfortunately.

Sad, but the sport we love is not one for angels.


I believe he "KO'd" Douglas by hitting him after the
bell. Yes?

MMA is in no way as corrupt as boxing

I saw Monaco fight here in St. Louis when I was in HS. You'd think a guy built like that and who punches that hard would have a winning record. What is the deal with him buddie? Is he doing it only for the money?

Wouldn't the fact that so many top guys and up and comers want to fight Monaco be at least a credit to Monaco and how tough he is?

not really. he might just have a rep for being an easy payday

There are plenty of paydays...there is a reason why there are certain journeymen that are considered a notch under a proepcts belt...they get that rep for giving it good....

Eddy Payeur, the guy is a mover by trade. He even owns his own moving company. He had no amateur career at all. He was just built like Kevin Randleman and freakishly strong. A local promoter saw him moving a refridgerator and asked him if he wanted to fight. The rest as they say, is history. Louis is a good guy but he was terribly managed and he was too old too develop a winning amount of skill. Also, he didn't take it as seriously as he should have. The last time I talked to him was a couple of years ago and at that time he told me he was planning on competing in MMA. He wrestled in highschool and he didn't feel "any wrestlers could get up under him." I hope I never see that. He makes good money with his business and he's married w/ child(ren)?


Monaco is built like a brickhouse. Even though he caught Douglas just after the bell, it was a nice shot. Perhaps, because he has such a great physique, that a victory over him looks more impressive to unknowledgeable fans?

he's built well and he is very strong but he's the shortest heavyweight boxer I have ever met.


The casual viewer does not appreciate or know much of anything about the sweet science. They see a guy built like a tank and think he is championship material. When they see this massive mutant of a guy get hammered down in a few rounds, even when in reality he barely had a prayer from the begining, they start to think VERY highly of the winner. Image is everything.