Another COVID vid to debate over


Video is actually only 16 mins long in the link.


Hour and 45?


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The video is only 16 mins long

I saw this a few days ago - very interesting. So much does not add up with the Covid response and policy decisions. I don’t know what the motive is ($ if I had to guess) but there are many oddities for sure.



Might have to post this elsewhere. Was really hoping to see a decent debate on this.

David Bowie Video GIF by Anthony Antonellis

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Yep. At least this guy is very accredited and offers very intelligent perspective.

The first couple of minutes in he says something pretty ridiculous. He is claiming that if you vaccinate the entire world it will set up a situation to have a super bug. If that’s true, why didn’t that happen with polio, the measles or rubella vaccines?

And if that did happen, then that would mean the entire world getting the virus would result in the same thing.

The world renowned doctor, along with thousands of other doctors, says that HCQ works.

Were they vaccinating for polio, measles or rubella in the middle of a pandemic? You realize that McCullough is not the only renowned doctor or scientist saying this.

Definition of a pandemic:

Event in which a disease spreads across several countries and affects a large number of people

Polio wasn’t a disease spread across several countries affecting a large number of people?

Isn’t he saying that vaccinating the world without a proper vaccine will set us up for a super bug?

I didn’t watch all of it but I didn’t get that meaning out of it. And what does he consider a proper vaccine? Everyone isn’t getting the mRNA vaccines. Some are adenovirus vector as well as other types.

Well, a proper vaccine in his terms is one that has fewer than 50 deaths attributed to it, not 4000.

looking on the cdc website, it shows 4,863 reports of death after vaccination. I don’t know what time frame they are looking at to include that report. It also says that: * Reports to VAERS of death following vaccination do not necessarily mean the vaccine caused the death.

Nevertheless, that is 0.0017%. I’m sure there will be more data in the coming years to more effectively determine what percentage was actually caused by the vaccines from anaphalactic shock, clotting, etc. However, if waiting for a “proper vaccine” means doing ten years of data analysis while covid and its mutations run rampart, that isn’t an option either.

As I’ve mentioned before, over 3000 deaths per year are attributed to aspirins. But I haven’t seen anyone calling for the end to aspirin manufacturing.

I’m not saying everyone should get vaccinated. That’s up to the individual. I personally was happy to take the vaccine based on a risk analysis. I also wanted this bullshit behind me. I didn’t want to have to worry about getting stuck in a motel across the country riding out covid after flying on vacation.

Are you purposefully comparing apples and oranges?

3,000 deaths from using Asprin INCORRECTLY does not relate to 4,000 deaths (reported so far) from using this “vaccine” CORRECTLY.

Asprin is FDA approved, proven safe if used correctly, and has been vetted for decades. The manufacturers have liability for bad doses, etc…

Nothing about the two are equitable…

But the real question is determining how many of these deaths on the VAERS report are directly related to the vaccine.

And as I said, I’m not trying to argue that everyone should get the vaccine or that there are no risks. I did a risk analysis and was happy to get this shit over with by taking the vaccine. If it turns out in 20 years it causes an increased chance for some kind of cancer, then I still won’t regret it. My decision was based off a risk analysis at the time and the resulting quality of life increase I will have in the years between.

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Slight precision here:

There are more than 3000 aspirin deaths per year from people taking it as prescribed. We’re not talking overdose here or people making mistakes on the dosage.

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If they counted the deaths from the vaccine the same as Covid deaths over the last year, it’d be WAY HIGHER!

They are no longer reporting hospitalization #s of vaccinated people… because that makes sense!