Another Dem mayor turning to republican polices to turn her city around

the dallas mayor went full republican, now SF mayor turns to a policy dems have spit on for years

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In for other Dems to call it racist… because only minorities have drug issues


Financially it’s never made sense but it does check the emotional box. Guess that’s important if you have no intention of ever fixing the problem

Sorry you won’t be able to get your food stamps anymore…


See? Look at how happy this moron is

Why are we looking at happy?


If you’re talking about me… I just said sorry you’re losing your benefits, how’s that happy?

I’m not sorry enough to help you… but still so very sorry!


Never taken a dime in welfare but if lying helps your feelings by all means

There are the dems we love. $$$ over peoples lives.

This time I’m sure it will totally work. Wasting money and denying benefits. Big win

Denying benefits is a good thing. Why are you acting like it’s not?


finding people with a serious drug problem and helping them is wasting money? Wow you dems are really out of the closet now?

want to save money? ban narcon so every od dies. I guess that’s your next suggestion

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Because it costs more to test everyone than the amount saved.

Spjackson goes missing and all hell breaks loose.

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This is the same mayor that had a literal brick thrown at her the last time she held a public meeting addressing public safety and the city’s drug issues.

Now if you want to open treatment programs we can talk but simply wasting money on tests doesn’t solve the problem.

I’m sure we can cut a billion or two from the Ukraine money to do drug testing.

You know what else it does beside feel good?

It is an incentive for people to get off of drugs so they can claim benefits. I’m sure there are plenty of children out there who would appreciate their parents getting clean.


No it doesn’t.

How do you know they have a problem if they aren’t tested?

Having been around plenty of drug users, they don’t tend to be truthful when asked if they are using drugs.