Another election lawsuit? Enough is

Oh wait…this one is filed by a Democrat. It MUST have merit

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Oh, its ok, its the Dems

CCP-DNC making sure the right puppet gets installed.

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Rwmember the same types of people who by their own admission botched the ny election are masterminds who comprehensively defrauded the 2020 election in multiple states according to trumptards

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Your party did this… you still think they are above cheating? LMAO

state law sets a short window of time for a candidate to file a suit like this and it is essential to do so in an election like this where the board has already ADMITTED THEY SCREWED UP and have had to retally the votes


so yeah lots of merit here

How man votes is he trying to throw out? None? Oh, ok.

Some of you seem to be missing the point. I guess that’s my fault for titling my thread poorly.

I guess the point is that if 135,00 illegitimate ballots can be added to the count it just goes to show that this particular election – and MAYBE elections in general – aren’t quite as secure as some would insist we believe.

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I believe Trump “lost” by 45,000 votes. I’m not sure who caught this “error” that involved 135,000 but it sure seems to only add more credibility that maybe, just perhaps, there were a couple of similar “mistakes” in the 2020 election and we should audit every state to see.

In for shills to scream “it is different this time!”. Time to go back to common sense voting rules: Voter ID is required along with in person voting on PAPER.

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2 shills have already chimed in