Another Fake BB???

 This one is coming out of Japan... this must STOP!

 And this!

crazygrimreaper -  10er gonna ten his big 10 all over the ug.

Big 10" is right

 I LOL'ed

if a 10ers gonna make a fool chuckle...a fools gon chuckle.


Is there any truth to the rumor that magwibs is really Jon Jones? I've heard that too many times for it not to be at this point

welcome Bones!

No one cares?
Your kids would probably think this was legit, and then YOU'RE the ones who lose money when you realize these are not Certified RIM BB's

Just trying to help yo.

Goddamn. This is my first spin thread. It took me 2 months of membership to come up with. All I get is eight measly responses, 3 of which are from me?
Come on!

Meh.. Phone Post