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Sorry you can't link to that particular site.

is there some other way to post it? As you can see, its funny as hell and dont think its ever been posted here, and MMA related. I can see that the adult pics around may be inapropriate but maybe you can save and post it here. Im sure others may want to see it and would appreciate your help.

I would try to do it myself but dont know how.

Sorry not that bright, can you help ferox13?

Did it link to a porn site or something?

Not exactly porn. Hopefully moderatores will help out posting it. It shows a streetfight with a guy on full mount then he is rear naked choked at the end.

Then the guy that chokes him suddenly gets scared as the guy doesnt come to, and has to give him mouth to mouth.

embed it


That sounds funny

its embeded at that site, so im not sure how you'd d/l it. the site is -----------junction(not that that helps much).

what is the date for the video? I can't seem to find it.

dont know the date, i got it from the other thread. it says "He Bought The Whole Can Of Whoop-Ass" on the top of the video

It's got the site banner on it so you can't post it here. I'll put it in tapout forum though.

No its not that polish beating, KOMA, the date for the video is 4/3/2003

you can get there directy with:

Hope that helps :)

wheres the tapeout forum located?