Another Fight in Flight

After a passenger—an off-duty airline employee—began attacking two flight attendants and making threats, a Delta Air Lines flight headed from Los Angeles to Atlanta diverted to Oklahoma City Friday night.

The man, who ABC7 reports as 34-year-old Stephon Jamar Duncan, was an off-duty Delta employee and can be seen in a scuffle with several people toward the front of the plane by the cabin door in a viral video showing the altercation. At the end of the video, passengers and crew members restrain the man in the plane’s aisle. The man reportedly made “terroristic threats” to “take down the plane,” the station reports.

On the bright side, this one likely has nothing to do with stimulus checks. Just good ol fashioned mental illness!


Hmm Stephon you say?

are they serving alcohol on flights again

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No relation

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French fella

Delta from LA to Atlanta…

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No mention of race in any reporting…

I am going out on a limb without watching. He is not white.

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It seems like it wasn’t that long ago that fighting in an airport was a federal offense. Fighting on an airplane was unthinkable.

Somehow this is normal behavior now.

I don’t get how violence is the default way of handling perceived slights for 13%ers.


Something tells me this wasn’t on an airline that charges Hennessey rates!

I think there will be more fighting on airplanes, airports, and vacation locations if we get UBI. It will export the violence nation wide.