Another gold medalist in MMA

How do you think he would do in MMA? Does anyone know his strong points during his judo competition career?

i suppose hed be training with Takada and them?

what is the general feeling towards MMA amongst Judoka in Japan?

he also lost a whole ton after winning in sydney. he is not a consistant performer at his peak level.

im not taking anything away from his pefromances that lead him to making the sydney team or his winning gold there.. he was truly sensational in 2000. he is just one of those guys who everybody thought would be able to keep it up and just couldnt.

but hell, who cares.. Olympic gold is Olympic Gold even if after you become a 1st round clown at the West Bend Open. =)

"I was hoping that I was going to be the first one to announce this here AFTER it became offical, but jacketwrestler beat me to it:)"

LOL, I just took it from a thread on the UG, not even one reply on the original post there. I really hope he tries to play the MMA game instead of being all about judo like Yoshida. What I mean is, try to add some striking, lower body subs, get rid of the gi, etc... just a more well-rounded game.

Yoshida does go for alot of lower bod subs though.

I don't think he will be with Takada but rather with TK and whomever he trains with. I don't think that they train with Takada do they?

I dont think Takada actually trains people. Just the famous gym that Sakuraba and Matsui are from is called the Takada dojo.

I have also heard that Inoue is going into MMA. Is there any articles about that?

Pete Pelter

Akiyama vs. Kaokalai would be entertaining.

Thanks for the translation allcloser.