Another great fight!!!


Awesome fight.

Dont worry everyone...WEC has brought MMA back to life

Pulver is showing some heart!!

Hell ya...Found a Cabbage-Mark Hunt cement head too

grimer is correct.

first torres/maeda

now faber/pulver

awesome fights

I've watched MMA since UFCI and that 2nd round was one if not the best round of MMA I have ever seen.

Pulver looks real slowwwwwwwwwww


Fake breather, then elbow to Jens who thought he was takin a breather...

2 possible foty candidates in a row!!!

Toooooooooo late for a standup

Awesome Fight!

Great round for both Awesome fight!!!!!!

How many damn times are they goin bump heads...I think thats what happened to Jens eye

I didn't give Jens a chance going into this, but he's making a great fight of it!

There has been an abnormal number of fouls...

Jens has to knock him out or submit him in order to win this

Let the hands go Jens!

Bottom of the ninth, two outs...SWING FOR THE FUCKIN FENCE JEN!