Another GTA question

If you make all of the gang territories green, do the other gangs still come back to attack your areas or are you finished with them?

No clue. I only held 22 territories when the gangwar part of the game went away.

I hope it comes back.

What's up Driscoll?

Nothing much, man, how you doin? I take it you've been sucked into GTA yourself?

Hanging in there. Yeah bro my wife is harassing me because I've stopped helping around the house once I got the game. So I called her a busta and flashed some gang signs. She didn't find it as funny as I did. I think I'm going to try to make it to the No Love seminar next month. I'm sure I'll see you at RSD before then though.

LOL @ tri choke

i'll let you know driscoll. i'm not doing that last mission till i own it all.

Gonna take me a few more days though. I should have all the balla turf tonight. Then it's on to the esses..

Sounds good, TC.

How are you guys getting the hoods? Are you just running around and shooting? I usually go for a place where I can get on top of a building or something, stock up on grenades, and run that shit from up there.

Im using my AK. I got it up to hitman by killing cops over and over... I take over hoods pretty easily. Esses merc me though, too many with good guns.

lol @ tri choke

i got all the missions n turf in Grove city taken care of ...YEAH BOOOYYYYYY!!! now i only have one damn mission left,, its the damn lowrider race crap i was up til 4 am trying to get it .

the sage cont... :)


With the lowrider race, just gun it right from the starting line. You'll build up a big enough lead where you don't have to drive as fast through the checkpoints and end up spinning out. Make sure you have a decent lowrider though or else you'll be all over the place.

yeah fo sho ...those flat models u typically see in "Boyz in the HOOD" aRe SHITCRAP as hell

I actually find the esse's pretty easy.

The hard part is finding enough of them to provoke a gang war.

Do these guys hide or what??

I've taken over all of the ballas turf. I need maybe 6 or 7 esse's turfs, depending on how they are broken up. I just can't find these guys.