Another heavy bag question

I'm currently trying to decide between the Rinsides and Tittle boxing unfilled "thai" bag. The only difference I can see is the thickness of the foam linning. Ringsides has a one inch linning and tittles usses 3 inches of foam. Is more better?? Is there anything eles I have missed? Does somebody have a personal recomendation??


PS. Im gonna buy the bagg unfilled cause shipping to Puerto Rico is a bitch

I have gone through a few bags myself and would like to say that the lining does not matter.
Make sure the seam is not portruding, that its not canvas, and if you can wing it...get it filled then delivered. Stuffing those suckers is a bitch.

I once arranged for a bag to be half filled. It was 6 footer. That way the bottom could represent hard legs and I could stuff the top to be what I wanted it to be when I got it.

The best bag I have ever used and seen was at the Inosanto academy back in '98. It was a 6 footer but only about 10 inches around. At 5 points gym in NYC they have a custom made Everlast that is almost as skinny and those bags rocked.

Did I help at all ;)

Beware of the seam on Ringside's bag. I've had both the Powerhide and the leather Thai bags. The Powerhide material cracked and split, and the leather seam is awful. It juts out so much, that some of our students (when not paying attention to it) have cuts on their shins from it.

My old training place had the leather Title bag and the seams were not nearly as bad as Ringside's.

have you considered Fairtex? I have the 4-footer and love it. the seams are barely visible, although it is synthetic material.