Another Heinous Crime in Waukesha, WI

Was it a mostly peaceful raping?

“the county is declared him a menace to society” - perp’s mother

The county is declared him? Really??

Stop having children if you’re illiterate. For fuck’s sake.


How dare you judge his sexual emergency.

It’s a cultural thing.


He was just having passionate sex with her and then going to make a thread here about it.



Give him a medal.

Ice Hockey Champion GIF by USA Hockey

Waiting for thread “passionately made love to an 87 year old at knife point”

VERY interesting paragraph here. The people in THAT VERY CITY are still coping with the Darrel Brooks Christmas parade attack and now the DA has a choice to make: repeat mistakes of the past which resulted in her constituents being killed and injured, OR worry about upsetting BLM

So now DA’s are making decisions based on angering terrorist groups? Holy fuck. How far we’ve fallen.

Don’t make the blacks angry!


District attorneys, judges, JURIES…corporations, media outlets the list goes on

I want to make a prediction but I think it’s 50-50 he gets charged as an adult.

Would Opper rather lose her job next election (or in a recall) or be labeled the lead white supremacist in an unjust prosecution?


something tells me he will be tried as a juvenile and get his hand smacked

It took 8 DAYS for there to be any reporting on this crime.

Neither the waukesha police department nor the middle school (which was very briefly on lock-down) where the suspect attended/was being arrested issued any type of statement.

Seems like they were doing their best to cover this up – keep it in juvenile court and no one would know anything about the crime or the person who committed it.

I wonder, I just wonder if the residents of Waukesha had publicly lynched Darrell Brooks the day he attacked the parade-goers would this rape and robbery have been committed… Again, just wondering…

I don’t think there is anything that can deter an evil, depraved individual like this from committing a crime of this nature

Suspect is being charged as a juvenile.

Milwaukee acting mayor cavalier johnson is the suspect’s uncle. Can’t help but wonder if there is special treatment being given in this case.

By way of comparison, the young girls in the “Slender Man” case in Waukesha from several years back were charged as adults.

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Part and parcel???

This guy was back in court.

Still haven’t heard about a motive.

She was askin’ for it?