Another InsideFighting Reader Wins

Another InsideFighting Reader Wins!
Jason Rizzo is this week's 1st prize winner of the Burn with Kearns Reader Contest and has won star trainer Kevin Kearns' new 3-DVD "Basement Tapes for MMA Conditioning" set! Read the column below that won Jason his prize and stay tuned for a new trivia question and two more chances to win on Monday!

(Video) Hammer Time: Part of the Burn with Kearns Conditioning Program -
by Kevin Kearns

WEC lightweight Aex Karalexis doing the "Hammer Time" Burn with Kearns routine

you da man allfighter!

Alex Karalexis is a little hawtie, IMO;)


haha, we'll make sure he gets word that you think so Cindy!

Thanks for the support



Thanks Imm!


ttt for the best MMA website in the world.

Thanks Yves! (And don't forget that we cover boxing as well, my friend!)

ttt for the best combat sports website in the world!

Haha, atta boy Ramy!

Thanks brother. TTT for the best Combat Sports fans in the world!

So when are you going to stop wasting your time on that other issue on here and come over to the gym and train again? Or have I just missed you because I'm not there as much as I need to be?

I would have thought you would have been inspired by Imanari's latest win. :-) When I get healthy I need to train with you to practice watching out for those foot locks


Dear  Elias Cepeda  about your photo

one sport in my country is availabel and Call ((  Bastani))  your photo is the same our Sport

Cool  dehghani, thanks for showing us that. Have you ever done Bastani?

Dear  Elias Cepeda No  because this sport is Very ancient and every Date this sport forgot from our my  peopel Country and this sport is Very difficalt

Ok, just wondering. Looks very difficult.

ttt for my prize!

Any idea of when I should get it?