Another Leko work?

Looked like one to me with Minowa doing all that stupid pro-wrestling style stuff at the beginning and then suddenly getting a leglock like that...

Minowa always does pro wrestling stuff. In the Ryan Gracie fight, he was GnPing Ryan and yelled "I AM PRO WRESTLER!" Guess that was a work, too.

Ha! Nice, Ryan.

Minowa is a bit of a headcase, Ive heard.

It's not the pro wrestling stuff by itslef, but the combination of it, the fishy quick submission, and the fishy way that Leko's first Pride fight ended.

I don't think it's too surprising to see a good leg locker catch a novice grappler with a heel hook.

What Ryan said, again.

Who fucking cares anyhow?

LOL, nice stab at Golden Glory by Senator Kerry.

He's kinda right though, Herring, Semmy, Overeem and Yvel have been on a big downturn lately.

i agree with hubris. the answer is he sucks.