Another One Bites the Dust. RIP

Heavyweight contender DaVarryl “Touch of Sleep” Williamson signed a promotional agreement with Don King Productions today. "This is the right move for me," Williamson said. "Don King has proven time and time again he can make things happen in boxing, especially in the heavyweight division. He represents three of the four world heavyweight champions, and I want to face one of them for a world title."

King is also enthusiastic about inking Williamson. "DaVarryl is a great boxer and family man, and I think he’s earned the right to fight for a world heavyweight title,” King said.
“He’s a thinking man’s fighter,” added King, referencing the fact the boxer holds a master’s degree in administrative services from Northern Michigan University.

Williamson, 36, posted a unanimous 10-round decision over former World Boxing Council heavyweight champion Oliver McCall during his last appearance at Madison Square Garden on Nov. 13.

He has been victorious in three of his last four appearances, the loss coming to former Wladimir Klitschko.


Didn't he get blasted out in 1 round by Babied Joe Mesi?

Something was definitely wrong with him in that fight Todd...he came in flat-footed and looking like a robot.

But yes, he did get blasted out in 1 round by Mesi.