Another pact has been broken

and of course Chuck is yet again a part of it

What's up with Chuck breaking all of these pacts, losing all these friends????

Swayzee is lucky she isnt in pride or UFC becasue Chuck would steam roll her without even blinking. Friends? HA! Friend to Chuck = Stepping stone

I'd hardly call Rampage one of Chuck's stepping stones.

Perhaps if Chuck were himself when he fought Rampage.

Chief- sure he was, it didnt work out but make no mistake, Chucks intent was to use Ramapge to be a top level Pride fighter, and he used Tito to be a top level UFC fighter.

It seems Chuck has some committment issues...LOL!!

What pact are you talking about? Looks like a pic from Japan to me before the MGP. I don`t see anything that says that and sure never heard of one.

*waits for LeeHarveyManson to catch on....*

"Perhaps if Chuck were himself when he fought Rampage. "

I am so sick of hearing bullshit like this....Rampage kicked chuck's ass no if's and's or but's chuck loss not because he was sic or his hurt his big toe or anyother thing like that.

Jackson was JUST the better fighter that night DEAL with it and show Jackson his respect.

Mark of the Wolf, I agree. My comment was strictly sarcastic.

note to self-

Don't befriend anyone who does accounting with a will only come back to haunt you later on

A stepping stone

I heard that Chuck didn't want to fight Rampage b/c they grew up together and made a pact never to fight. Chuck didn't really lose, he gave the fight to Rampage out of love for a friend :)

MJ, does Chuck have behavoir or anti-social issues?

Rampage is a little less compassionate then his leader, Tito, which is why he didn't think twice about giving his friend a beating.

WOW, for a very comical thread some of you are taking this WAY too serious.

lol @ the Irony

I take it that Chuck doesn't have very many close friends in his circle

wow that looks like a huge Yayo rock.

"lol @ Chief. Chuck is possibly one of the most giving and generous people when it comes to his friends. He's there for you no matter what time of day or night, if you're in a bind and he can help he's there in a matter of min. You need a place to stay for a while? He's got a guest room for you.

Bottom line he's got a lot of friends and he's good to each and every one of them."

He owuld just knock them out if he had to move ahead in the UFC