Another pic of Leko gettin chinned

Right on the button.

thats not what put him down. he went down prob 10 seconds later when he back was againt the ropes. theyre in the middle of the ring in that shot

That wasnt the knockdown punch, it was the punch a few seconds after that knocked him down.

Yeah - that wasn't the shot that floored him.
The shot that knocked him down was to the top/right of his head and he had this wacky delayed reaction flop.
While I've seen that before (the delay), so many other things made this seem fishy...namely tapping to a choke before it was even locked in for more than a milisecond.

What fucking fight were you watching, dude? Leko got hit with a left cross when he was against the ropes. Ogawa wasn't even swinging until he got Leko into the ropes.

Ghost he got hit twice the pic above was the 1st punch.