Another rare thugjitsu photo op

At the FFC


u ruined the picture. lol j/k

Okay...this picture is just silly.

Yves is surrounded by sketchy characters. The guy on the far side has the most colorful tarded' helmet I've ever seen, and the other two guys look like they were bobbing when they ought to've been weaving.



PS - Thugjitsu rocks.

backstage at FFC eh.

what a bad night for thugjitsu.

ROCKY and CARLO are some tough mofo's

carlo's forearms and elbows make me think of one thing


-Dixson's Dungeon-

thats my nigga!

I heard Carlo put up a great fight against Keith, props to them both for putting it on the line in that fight. I hope the FFC releases that one on DVD?

Oh, and I see the 3 tough guys, but who's the ladyboy on the far right?

"the other two guys look like they were bobbing when they ought to've been weaving"


Mad funny, I'm about to feed/possibly kill an ego hardcore
here, but Joker, you're pretty tight in w/ the Thugjitsu group
and I respect the commentaary gig, as I myself try to be a
commentator, but I g2 ask--what do you do?

can someone pleae tell me

is this Thugjitusu i hear about REAL? or was it just made up....

i dont see how it could be real.


I do this.....

Juggles 2 keyboards at once

I also commentated Rocky's fight at this FFC that is coming out on DVD, am the spiritual glue that holds the 3rd column fight team together, and am a professional YES man. That is what I do!!!

I have dominated bottom position against all 3 of those guys in the gym!!!

That is the Real Joker on the end, isnt it?!

NO!!! It's my stunt double

Yes MAG, we all know people who wear a jesterhat in public take themselves WAY too seriously!!!

TEXA$ for more seriousness!!!

So which one is it? Do I or dont I? Give it to me softly though, I take myself way too seriously and cant bear to read what some mean people on here say about me. I believe I even have to cry myself to sleep at night and make about 10 IM LEAVING threads a week just to get over the pain. softly......


Neer's my daddy

Just messed up on Zipp's part.